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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Voice: 643-ADRC (643-2372)
TTY Line: 643-0889

HADSSP - Hawaii Alzheimer’s Disease Supportive Services Program



2019 Alzheimer’s Association Fact & Figures report estimates Hawai‘i has 29,000 people aged 65 years and older with Alzheimer’s dementia. This figure will grow by 20.7%  to 35,000 people by 2025.  With age being the greatest risk factor for dementia, and Hawai‘i having the fastest growing older population in the nation – it is of critical importance that the state becomes more dementia capable.


In 2017, the Executive Office on Aging (EOA) received a grant from the Administration for Community Living (ACL) to develop the Hawai‘i Alzheimer’s Disease and Supportive Services Program (HADSSP).  The goal of the grant is to build and sustain dementia-capability within the state’s No Wrong Door (NWD) Network and provide better access to services for persons with dementia and their caregivers. 


Major products from this grant will include a comprehensive dementia-capable training curricula tailored to Hawaii’s NWD agencies, a Memory Care Services & Supports Inventory and translations of dementia materials distributed in print and online, a project evaluation, and final report.


Open For Public Comments

The Executive Office on Aging is seeking comments from the public on the draft “Hawaii 2025: State Plan on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: 2020 Update”.

Please click on the above link to reivew, and then send your comments to Dr. Christy Nishita at by November 24, 2020.



Dr. Terry and Michelle Barclay Dementia Capable training, March 7, 2018

Dementia Basics, May 16, 2020 with Dr. Ritabelle Fernandes

Dementia Capability Training, Part II, Normal Aging vs. Dementia, May 21, 2020 with Dr. Ritabelle Fernandes

Dementia Capability Training, Part III, Strategies for Families, May 28, 2020 with Dr. Ritabelle Fernandes



Memory Care Services and Supports Inventory (under construction)

Hawaii 2025: State Plan on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias

Hawai‘i Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative (HADI)

Booklet:  Worried About Your Memory?


Directories (Current as of August 2020, subject to change)

Hawaii Geriatrician Directory

Hawaii Geriatric Psychiatry Directory

Hawaii Neurologist Directory